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30 Hari Mengejar Keio Part 4b : Statement of Purpose (Contoh)

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Writer’s Note : seperti biasanya karena post nya bakalan panjang jadi akan saya bagi jadi beberapa post dan maklum aja ya kalo ada curhat-curhatnya dikit.  
Ini contoh SoP milik saya

To Keio University Admissions Committee

My name is Bagus Rezandi Mohammad. I'm writing this letter to show my desire to apply for the International Graduate Program in Keio University for the fall semester 2013. In the following letter, I would like to present my reasons for choosing this program and to provide a general background about myself.

I have graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia with a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. I enrolled in the Electrical Engineering Major in ITB because I wanted to make robots which are capable of interacting with human and assists human in their daily life. Since my first year as an undergraduate student, I have been planning to continue my graduate study abroad, especially Japan, to focus on robotic study. I want to help further robotic research in Indonesia since it's still quite unpopular despite of all the advantages it can bring to human daily life.

My final project as an undergraduate student was a research done in a group of three about weight-lifting exoskeleton, which is the first exoskeleton to be developed in Indonesia. Due to the limited time and resources, this first development was focused on the testing of exoskeleton’s basic hardware and software concept. Because the exoskeleton wasn’t intended to be worn yet it wasn’t made ergonomically enough for human, it was very heavy and rigid.

In my team I was responsible to assemble the hardware and design the position control. For the hardware module, I developed the frame and actuator. The frame part of the exoskeleton was designed for the upper body parts, consisting of back and two arms with each having two hinge joints. The movements of this exoskeleton arms are done by an actuator system consisted of several pneumatics, several solenoids, an electrical circuit, and a compressor. For the Position Control System, I developed the joint-position sensor and the position control algorithm. This system was developed so that the exoskeleton arms are capable to mimic human’s arms movement.

Inspired by my previous research, I intended to design and develop an assistive technology to support rescue team in their work. My idea is to create a haptic teleoperated robot for emergency help in disaster area. Teleoperated means that the robot is unmanned but controlled, or in other words an UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) robot. Haptic technology allows the robot to transmits the sense of touch and pressure to the operator and vice versa so the robot arm will virtually work like operator arm. Haptic technology is very important because this robot will be designed to give first aid treatment to the victims if needed, and such task is too complicated to be handled entirely by a robot. I understand that the realization of this robot will take a lot of time and effort so I will use my chance as a master student to finish the basic concept, and development of either haptic system or ugv system.

I want to continue my study in Keio University because some of the researches conducted there are about haptic technology, for example is tele-haptic technology research by Professor --- which is very useful for industrial and medical purposes. I have been in contact with Professor --- and I have received some materials to improve my research plan. I believe Keio University is very suitable for me to study about those technologies for my master program. I also realized that by enrolling in the International Graduate Programe I have a lot of chance to meet, study and work together with the students that share same interest and I think that is the best way for me to obtain world class experience. In the future, I want to continue the research about haptic teleoperated robot as a lecturer or scientist. And then I want to create a smart and affordable robot that can assist human life.

Bukan SoP paling bagus dan paling benar, masih ada kesalahan grammar di sana sini, terus ada ide yang mungkin tidak bisa dipahami pembacanya, tapi paling tidak SoP ini berhasil meloloskan saya ke universitas tujuan saya. Awas jangan copy paste, SoP masing-masing orang pasti beda karena masing-masing punya jalan pendidikannya sendiri.

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