Minggu, 28 September 2014

A Ball in a Box

This not-so-smart-conversation between me and my friend L happened last week. We were on our way to Suzukakedai Station when the train we rode made a brief stop at Futakotamagawa Station (二子玉川 駅)。We both have learned some kanjis , but still very bad at it.

Me : I never knew that kanji "ko" or kid (子) can be read as "tako", i understand that ni or two (二) can be read as "fu"

L : hmmm, maybe it is not "fu" but "futa"

Me : Ah yes, like "futari" (二人) or "futatsu" (二つ), if so then the "ko" still read as "ko".

L : yep

Me : Then how about the rest, "tama" and "gawa"? I don't recognize the "tama", but it is obvious that the "gawa" uses the kanji for river.

L : Maybe it is kanji for ball, like in "hitodama" or "gindama".

Me : All i know is if we put that kanji into a box, we will have a country or "kuni". (玉+口->国). If your guess is true then a country is made from a ball in the box

L : Like flag of japan (Hinomaru) ?

File:Flag of Japan.svg

Me : Hahaha, close enough. let me check it *so i checked it on my phone*. You are right, it is kanji for ball. So in a way, kanji for country or "kuni" (国) can represent flag of japan.

L : Maybe we can put it that way haha.

Me : Kanji sure is interesting

Senin, 22 September 2014

A Gift from My Gift from God

Hadiah ulang tahun dari pacar, pertama kalinya dibikinin video buat hadiah ulang tahun (emang hampir ga pernah dapet hadiah sih sebenernya haha)

Makasih ya Ika Wahyu Utami :D